Planning a Bachelorette Party

Want to know how to plan the best bachelorette party in glorious “Sin City” aka Las Vegas?  We have provided a guide below to help answer any of your questions.  It’s important to celebrate the last evening before the  before the bachelorette says “I do” with a little wildness. Coordinating a Las Vegas bachelorette party requires advance planning and the ability to watch your budget. Remember, most guests have other expenses on top of the bachelorette party. Las Vegas allows the bachelorette to get a little crazy and let loose one last time before walking down the aisle.

Step 1

Research and book hotel rooms three to four months in advance, especially if the bachelorette party is during a busy time of the year like the winter holidays or on long weekends like Memorial Day. This ensures all bachelorette party guests stay at the same hotel. Provide guests with options for single- or double-occupancy rooms. If you’re looking for the best prices on hotel rooms, go to Prepaid Hotel Rooms.  They offer wholesale hotel rooms that are often cheaper than the major retailers like Expedia or Travelocity.  Check flight prices and availability. Supply a few flight options, or determine an arrival time for bachelorette party guests to book flights.

Step 2

Hire a limo to pick up the bachelorette party guests at the airport. A ride from the airport to the Strip is just enough time for a bottle of champagne. Single-destination limo rides are less expensive than renting a limo for an entire evening. Remember, many destinations along the Strip are within walking distance, a short taxi ride or reachable by the monorail. You can also rent a party bus through a company such as Party Tours. Mention that Wild Boyz referred you for a special discount!

Step 3

Confirm dinner reservations a few weeks before the bachelorette party. Meals and prices may vary, so consider what most guests will like and can afford to spend. Some restaurants require formal or business-casual attire. Some are more casual.  Inform guests about the proper attire for the restaurant, and save the bachelorette festivities until after dinner. Make any special requests when reserving a table, and inform the restaurant of the celebration ahead of time.  A clever idea is having a cake delivered to the table by a hunk wearing no shirt and only a bowtie and cuffs.  Buff Butlers are perfect for this occasion.

>Step 4

Plan some evening entertainment. Consider a show like Cirque du Soleil’s Ka or the sexy dancers at Aussie Hunks. Make reservations a few weeks before the bachelorette party, after guests have confirmed. After a show, head to one of the famous Las Vegas clubs for a night of dancing and debauchery. Try out places like XS, Chateau, Light or Omnia.

Step 5

Arrange day activities too. Most of the action occurs at night in Las Vegas, but plan a few relaxing day activities for the bachelorette party guests so they can chill after a crazy night. Consider making appointments at the hotel spa for massages or manicures. Visit the Mob Museum at the Tropicana or the roller coaster at the Stratosphere. Lounge by the pool and catch a few sun rays. Ask the hotel concierge for any suggestions as well.

Step 6

The trip can’t be complete without the Magic Mike experience!  Consider hiring a male dancer to come to your room and put on a special show for the bachelorette.  Or take the group to a local strip club like O.G.’s or Hustlers.  Or you can take them to see a male revue show like Chippendales or Aussie Hunks.

Top Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party!