Buff Butlers & Bartenders

Our topless waiters aka “buff butlers” or “buff bartenders”, are here to serve your needs, whatever the occasion! They’re a LOT more than just a bartender/waiter. These men are trained to be the “ultimate host” for whatever party or celebration. They can mix and serve drinks, host and conduct party games, decorate your room, help clean up, whatever you desire! They also come prepared with their Wild Boyz Butler Bag, which contains necessities like cups/napkins/dishes, and has games like Cards against Humanity, Liars Dice, Beer Pong, etc. Also you can have the butler come to your party early to help decorate and prepare to surprise your special guest! And they can bring fun stuff like disco balls and party laser lights to really make this event special!

We know that every girl’s night, birthday party or special occasion is different and specific to the group and person. That’s why we don’t have a “one size fits all approach”.

What ever your needs may be, we are here to meet them! That’s why we have a range of different types of model servers for all different parties and groups. We have special packages for individuals as well as corporate events.

We know that it’s a special night and we’re to make sure it’s one you’ll never forget!

How to reserve a Buff Butler

Step 1) Visit our buff butlers page and decide which of these hunks you are interested in.  Write down as many names as you like.

Step 2) Visit our Pricing & Packages page to see what kind of exciting options are available for your handsome and sexy topless waiter needs.

Step 2) Click on our reservation form and fill it out.  It only takes a few minutes and there’s no obligation.  We will then get back to you within 48 hours with a quote for the combination of waiter and male dancer that you have requested. Once you’ve finalized your choice of entertainer(s), we will send out an electronic invoice and confirm your reservation.  We have a satisfaction guarantee and a refund policy.  Customer service is #1 with us.

Step 3) Have the best time of your life!

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