Topless Waiter



Topless Waiters are an excellent choice for your girls night out entertainment! Our waiters come part entertainer part waiter. The guys absolutely love their job and are pros at getting the party started. Great for games and dares as well as serving drinks and appetizers but please book in advance as all of our waiters are in high demand during the busy season.

$100/hour *2 hour Minimum

Bootie Shorts Waiter



If you need more flesh than a normal topless waiter then our bootie shorts waiter is the choice for you. The girls will love it and it’s great for the shock factor as the waiter enters the room in his sexy tight bootie shorts!

$125/hour *2 hour Minimum

Apron Only Waiter


 Apron Only Waiter

For absolute decadence we offer the apron only waiter! Our waiter comes dressed in an apron that covers his front but leaves the rest for your viewing pleasure!

$150/hour *2 hour Minimum

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