1. Our guys are REAL and not FAKE.  That’s why we have personal pages for each guy.  There are multiple images and video so you have a clear look at what you’re getting.  Most other sites put up a small thumbnail picture where you can barely tell what the guy looks like.  They do this on purpose so when they send someone else instead, it’s hard for you to tell the difference!
  2. We will not send you a cheap replacement last minute
  3. We offer a GUARANTEE and a REFUND policy
  4. Our dancers are professionally trained to throw an amazing party
  5. Our men are in fit shape, come to your party groomed, fresh, looking great and with an awesome attitude
  6. We WILL get your party started RIGHT 😉
  7. Our guys will come sober to your party.  They will not arrive drunk or high on drugs. 
  8. We come prepared with music, stereo, costume and props.  All you gotta do is bring is your inner wild child!
  9. Beware of companies outside of Las Vegas!  These agencies most often do not have a business license or insurance.  Here are some ways you can tell that the business is not based in Las Vegas.
    1. They don’t have an address listed on their website
    2. Their phone number is an 800 number
    3. Their address is a PO Box

Most of our competitors have 90% fake pictures.  Some agencies are just one person running his own website and trying to fool people into thinking he’s a big agency.  When all he cares about is booking parties and showing up and telling customers last minute “sorry, the last guy got sick so I’m his replacement.”  DON’T GET SCAMMED!