The Questions Game

Similar to the old school Newlywed Gameshow, the Questions Game quizzes the Bride and Groom on how well they know each other. Before the party, send the groom a list of possible questions. Have him fill them out and send them back to you. Once you get to the Bachelorette Party, have the bride answer each question one by one! She will basically be guessing how she thought her groom would answer.

Download list of Questions (PDF)


  • Cut the question sheet up so each question & answer is on its own piece of paper. Hand them out to the rest of the attendees and take turns going around the room so everyone can ask a question.
  • Reward the bachelorette with a gift each time she answers correctly.

The Questions game is the classic bachelorette party activity. Even though it may be a bit over-done, I have to say all the brides I know have enjoyed it the most and comment on it after the party is over. Also, it’s one of the few games that incorporates the groom so don’t overlook it too soon!

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