How to save money at Male Strip Clubs

A male strip club can be a drag if you’re not Kim Kardashian and prepared to drop a million dollars to make it monsoon on mister 6-foot and shredded.. Without breaking the bank, we’ll give ya some tips to plan the ultimate bachelorette party, divorce party or birthday party strip club celebration!


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1. Leave your Debit and Credit Cards in the hotel!

Visiting the strip club is much like a kid going to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Money is unexpectedly a non issue and you’ll end up wanting more money when your five-dollar allowance is through. At Chuck’s parents replenish the amount of money.

At Suck’s you will be given your cash by the ATM. But, see, unlike when you’re a child, this money is tied to your capability to provide food and shelter. Instead of letting Sexy Six Pax tempt you to spend an extra hundred on a dance, you have the cash you brought be your complete limit.

2. Remember the power of “No”

When you visit Olive Garden, you are asked if you would like Parmesan cheese on your Tour Of Italy. You say , “thanks, but no thanks” and can wave the server off. You can also say no, when they ask for dessert. And guess what: they won’t charge you! The exact same is true to strippers. If he comes to you unprovoked and asks to provide you with a Levi Ride, you’re able to say no. It’s your experience. Spend the manner in which you wish.

3. Go on a slow day

Strip clubs on the weekends and on special event nights are hell. Everything’s crowded and overpriced. In addition, you don’t want to go on C-Section Sundays. Instead, choose a Thursday when you will find drink specials and a less crowded venue.

4. Act Like You’ve Been There Before

If you ask , “how much is a lap dance?” he will quote any cost. But like, “lap dancers are $20?” will show you have a particular familiarity with prices. And low-balling might lower the price. If you’re in a strip club in a favorite city, they may suppose you’re a tourist and will quote you any price. No way. Compare costs. If you want to, bring coupons. And never pay more than $20 for a lap dance.

5. Don’t Make It Rain

There’s no way you’ll get your money’s worth. It looks fun and you see it in all the movies, but definitely is not as cool when you realize you just dropped a months worth of rent in 5.2 seconds.

6. Drink Before You Go

This is just basic economics for any adult venue. Any proper bachelorette party planner will know: To save cash on alcohol, intend to show up intoxicated. This way you only have to buy one drink so you don’t look like a total freeloader. You’ll look like you’re spending money should you keep a drink in your hand. And if you appear like you’re spending money you’ll appear just like you might have cash.

7. Go On Your Own Birthday

Every venue gives special treatment to the guest of honor, so to ensure you have the time of your life… MAKE SURE YOU’RE THE GUST OF HONOR! This is the one of the easiest ways to ensure you save money at the male strip club. Should you get your friends to pool their money just like a potluck, they might get enough for you to go on stage with one of the sexy studs 😉