Old guys rock, of course they do. But do they dance in G-strings?

I thought a visit to “Magic Mike Live” auditions would answer the question of whether a dude over 40 has any business being in a male dance revue. As a dude in his 50s, I was thinking physically, about what women want to see onstage, and what old guys are able to put on display.

Instead, I learned it’s all about personality.

“Magic Mike Live” opens March 30 at the Hard Rock Hotel and already looks to be a hit. Ticketmaster lists many of the early performances as having “not many left,” and some dates with only single seats at $100 or more.

Channing Tatum is hands-on with the other side effects revue tied to his two hit movies about the lives of male strippers. But just as he pledged last May, the creative team running local auditions last week promised to do things a little differently.

One of them: A press invite took care to mention “the casting team will also look for more mature men ages 40-60 who are in great shape and can move well, as well as strong dancers with special skills including playing the guitar.”

“If you think about it, everybody has a type. Some people want an older man,” choreographer Luke Broadlick explained. So if the audience has no age limit, the cast should include “a guy someone’s mom would enjoy more than just looking at a hot 20-something or 30-something.”

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