How to prepare for your special event!

male-stripper-bachelorette-partyDo you know what to do to prepare for your stripper party?  Most often we have no clue.  That’s because most of us have not been to this kind of party before.  Or some of us have been to one but it was a long time ago and we were too drunk to remember lol 😉

Anyways, at WBE, it is our mission to provide you with the best strip party possible.  We’ve taken time to create this handy checklist to help you get the most out of your stripper party experience.


  • Have air conditioning turned up.  Especially in hotel rooms.  They are designed to cool the room for 2-4 people.  So when you have 10-15 girls in this room, it can warm up pretty fast.  And the stripper is dancing and performing tricks the whole time so he can get hot pretty quick.
  • Have a couple clean towels ready.  One is for the stripper to keep dry.  The other is for him to place on the ground.  When he lies the bachelorette down for a floor dance, we want to keep her clothes clean so the towel helps to do this (a full sized towel works best)


  • It’s always fun to start the party with a toast.  So have cups or shot glasses ready! If you want to do body shots, it’s best to use a clear alcohol like vodka.  Your male dancer can choose to drink alcohol at his discretion.
  • If you want to do a body shot off the stripper, have a wet towel nearby to dry him off with when you’re all done.  No stripper likes to walk around all sticky!  Also you might want to buy some whip cream if you want to make that body shot extra special 😉


Make sure you have space for guests to sit or lie down for lap dances.  Couches work the best.  Chairs are fine and of course so is the bed. In regards to tipping, each girl should have at least ten dollars in ones.  Of course the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill!  I always recommend a girl bring two $5’s and ten $1’s. This helps you to be ready for the party games.  For more info on tipping, check out this article.


It’s always nice to set the mood and when the stripper arrives, the room should be lit in a romantic way.  Bright light just makes it awkward (that’s why every strip club is very dark).  You can dim the lights or turn off a few to help set the mood 😉


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