Every year my friends and I have “Friendsgiving” – a huge Thanksgiving meal/party with 25 of our closest friends. This year, some friends introduced me to this ridiculous game. I never thought such a simple game could be so fun, but – I have to be honest – we were crying with laughter. The second we started playing – I decided it would be perfect for a Bachelorette party.

How to play: It’s super easy.
All you need is a pair of scissors and an empty cereal box (Or Stove Top Stuffing box like we used! Any sort of cardboard box is fine).

1. Cut or tear the flaps off the top of the box. You should have a tall, cardboard box, open at the top, closed at the bottom.
2. Place the box on the floor. You may want to make room around you because people tend to topple over!
3. Everyone takes turns approaching the box. The goal is to pick up the box using only your mouth. Only your feet can touch the floor – no hands and no knees! The moment either of those things touch down – that person is eliminated! Players can bend their bodies any way they like in order to pick up the box.
4. Once Round One is over…. we make it more difficult. Grab ‘dem scissors and cut an inch of height from the box to make it shorter. Then, everybody gets another turn!
5. Continue cutting and playing until there’s only one player left!

Note! It seems that to succeed at this game you need to be kinda flexible and kinda creative with how you stand and move. Also… alcohol seems to help. I would wait a while into the party before busting this game out.

  • game/article from http://www.bridesmaiding.com/2010/11/bachelorette-party-the-box-game