pillow-fightLet’s discuss the classics, shall we? For a fantastic “Girls Night In” style party that gets feisty… have a pillow fight! Or feign one and take photos to send to the boys at home wondering what type of craziness you wild girls are up to.

Careful never to hit anyone in the face, because that’s just impolite and discuss the hair rules beforehand. Notably the bachelorette because with the wedding arising, she might have her hair did with her extensions. Another way to let the feathers fly is to get a number of festive boas and gently whack each other. You can warm up the group for more matches to come and ’ll have some amazing photos to share.

It’s a generally held belief among men that when the girls get there’s that’s adorable and a bouncing, rousing, pillow fight. They say “dance like no one is seeing but you can be seen by pillow fight like the entire world.”

Get cute and some soft pillows jammies and give it a go. Bonus points for satin or silk pillow cases. Satin pillowcases can also double as a party present that is perfect as they are perfect to get your beauty sleep. All the ladies will love having if you’ve got an early morning photo shoot the day of the wedding “line free” sustained faces.

Looking for fun supplies for a pillow fight? Check out this page

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