Lingerie Guessing Game
The Game: Everyone brings a piece of lingerie they feel describes their personality to gift to the bride, then the bride guesses who gave each present.

What to Prep: Let each guest know ahead of time to bring a bra, panties, a teddy, whatever! to the party as a gift. Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room.

How to Play: Once all the items are on display, have the bride walk around surveying each piece and write down who she thinks brought it. See how many she can get right! Have her take a drink for each one she gets incorrect.

Never Have I Ever (A Classic!)
The Game: Each player takes a turn completing the phrase “Never have I ever…” with a true statement. The rest of the group has to take a drink if the statement isn’t true for them.

What to Prep: Nothing!

How to Play: Take turns coming up with deeds you’ve never done. With this game, the more scandalous, the better! For example, “Never have I ever had sex at the zoo!” If anyone actually has, they take a revealing drink. If only one person drinks, the rule is she has to reveal all the details.

Sexy Treasure Hunt
The Game: A saucy take on the traditional scavenger hunt.

What to Prep: Hide sexy items, like fuzzy handcuffs, body paint and lacy panties throughout the house, backyard or wherever you’re throwing the party.

How to Play: Divide guests into teams and give them a list of items to find. The team that finds the most items wins. Up the challenge (and fun) and gives guests clues instead of item names, such as “something adventurous for the bedroom.” Make sure the winners have a prize to take home with them!

Quiz The Groom
What to Prepare: A week or two before the party, have everyone, excluding the bride, come up with questions for her fiance to answer and then email them all to him. Include a mix of sexy and funny questions for him to answer.

How to Play: Take turns reading her the questions, and having her guess his responses. If she answers wrong, she has to take a drink but if she gets it right, everyone else has to drink.

Play Ex-Charades
The Game: Divide into two teams and take turns pretending to be one of the bride’s former boyfriends, hookups, or crushes and make her guess who each of you are portraying.