1. Surprise the bride to be!  Arrange to sneak the butler in and have him get changed in another room and then come out with a glass of bubbly / her favorite drink! Or…
  2. Play a game called guess the bachelorette!  Line up several different girls, blindfold the bride-to-be and have her guess who they are by touch alone.  You might have guessed it, the last “bachelorette” she guesses is in fact the butler!  A great way to surprise her and start the celebrations.
  3. Have him help prepare the food!  We can’t promise 5 star cuisine but he can definitely lend a hand in the kitchen.
  4. Have him serve the food or pass around some nibbles.
  5. Having a summer party with a BBQ?  Why not ask the butler to help with that!
  6. Have him generally help out.  Your butler is there to wait and serve on you.  So if you’ve got something that needs tidying away or cleaning up ask the butler!
  7. Use your butler as a bell boy!  If you renting a large property it could be a nice idea to have the butler arrive just before the guests and have him show them to their rooms and carry their luggage!
  8. Have a Life Drawing Class.  Ask him to pose for a drawing in his butlers outfit.
  9. Ask him to take a group photo of your party, saves messing with those pesky timers!
  10. Give a disposable camera to your butler and ask him to take pictures throughout the night.  You never know what you’ll get!
  11. Have him mix some cocktails for you.  Our regular butlers can mix cocktails for you!  Just have the recipes to hand and the equipment required.
  12. Play a game of musical chairs – have the butler do the music.
  13. Having an early booking? – Why not have him deliver breakfast in bed to the blushing bride-to-be.
  14. Are you having an evening a meal – kick of the fun by having the butler(s) bring out the desert!
  15. Play a game of “Memories”  and have the butler host the quiz.
  16. Have a Cocktail Lesson with one of our professionally trained cocktail bartenders!
  17. Have a Cocktail Party with bar hire, glass hire and alcohol all thrown in with our Buff Bartender Package.
  18. “Never have I ever” is a great game and a great way to use your butler.  Have the butler hand out cards and then gather the notes and start the game.
  19. Play some games that involve dares and get your butler involved as a part of the dares!  For example kiss a man nearby or how about trade clothes with someone!
  20. Toilet paper wedding dress game.  Have the butler judge the dresses or better still get him dressed up in one!
  21. Anyone missing from the party?  A friend in New York?  Or just someone who couldn’t make it.  Why not record a video message with the butler and text or email it to them to cheer them up!
  22. Show the boys who’s having all the fun!  Maybe the boys are on their bachelor party and think their having all the fun, a quick pic of the girls with the butlers will show them otherwise!
  23. Having a bachelorette party book?  Why not ask the butler to write her a little message as a memento from her special night!
  24. Keep everyone’s glasses topped up!  If you’re having wine at dinner or maybe a champagne welcome, have your butler(s) armed with a bottle or two to keep everyone topped up!