Lisa Wilkinson and her Today Show co-host David Campbell’s friendship was severely tested on Friday morning’s show.

The pair became embroiled in a hot and heavy male strip show engineered by the appropriately named Aussie Hunks, which resulted in David, 41, giving Lisa an impromptu – and uncomfortable to watch – lap dance.

Shouts of ‘my husband’s in New Zealand at the moment, thank god’ and ‘we’re just friends!’ did little to stop the flow of gyrating men – and David – rotating around Lisa’s tense form.

The 55-year-old attempted to shield her eyes as David was instructed to ‘grind her like that’ by a lithe stripper named Chad, formerly from group Instant Bun.

‘We’re friends,’ whimpered David as he pogoed up and down beside her to the pulsating sound of Uptown Funk, ‘adding this is really uncomfortable.’

Meanwhile, Lisa was being instructed to ‘rub his [David’s] body’, while a second professional dancer rotated his loins just inches from her face.

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