Mission Statement & Purpose

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Wild Boyz’ Mission

Hey, what’s up? This is Steve with Wild Boyz’ Entertainment. And I’m just gonna talk little a bit about why I started this agency in the first place.

So number 1, male strippers have a bad reputation. The stereotypes as you know are: not smart, on drugs, they do steroids, you know, a male whore, and just a cheesy kind of guy, not something to be look upon as cool or respected but more to look down upon.

The best you can be as a male stripper is like a Chippendale for example, or a thunder from down under or something like that, Which Is um a well-known brand and that’s a male stripper who’s considered more as a male entertainer. And If you ever seen a Chippendales show, you’ll see those kind of guys, I used to be one, and it’s an honor to be in that show because of amount of hard work that they put into first, looking the guys. They are very picky about the guys being tall, 6 feet above great shape basically a women’s fantasy, taller, dark, and handsome. And there were trained to dance and dance well. We did a hard routines and things that not just anyone can do. And plus being on stage with the energy and getting naked, dance with the women and getting them to scream, you know it’s a lot of fun but it’s also not for everyone. It’s hard to find a guy that can really go on stage and excel and do that and so, being with Chippendale was an honor for me to be there, and Hollywood Men, American storm and bunch of other shows and men with the strip, also bunch of great guys.

Anyways, male stripping is pretty much look down upon and it’s even worse when girls try to hire male stripper and they find these guys off of craigslist, where they search Google male stripper Las Vegas and find these websites that are cheesy like no, you can tell a person right in the business doesn’t care that much about their business. The worse thing they can do is lie by showing you photos of people that they don’t have.

They would steal pictures from other people. Either their stock photography images or their other dancers from other shows like Chippendales for example. “let’s take these guys a photo and say, ohh these are my dancers” and then, you will say hey i want this guy, “Calvin” for example. And then, you will see the picture of the guy, the guy on the phone says, “ohh yeah we will send it away”. Now, you’re ready for a great bachelor party, You’ve spent all of this money, time, preparation, the hotel room, girls are ready, the tips and ready have a good time.

Knocking the door, this guy comes up and he’s not even close to Calvin. Sometimes he’s not even like, Calvin’s a brunette, he’s a blond guy. Calvin’s 6 foot. This guy’s like 5 feet or so, and they’ll send you a hack, an amateur who’s not close to the professional stripper you thought you were paying for. By the time too late you already paid, you are ready to surprise bachelorette. Alright, just roll the punches. That’s a messed up.  I hate that. I would hate to do that to anyone.

That’s not fair you know you’re paying good money, you need to have great entertainment. You want to that experience to be awesome. Everyone wants that Chippendale, Magic Mike experience, that’s what I want to provide.

So, being a professional dancer for 10 years and dancing for over a thousand shows. Even millions of women I have danced for.. I can’t begin to tell you how many shows, how many woman but It’s been a pleasure, this experience, and I’ve learned a lot.

One thing I’ve always done is I’ve taken a lot of pride in my work. I want to be on stage, i want to do a great job. i want to be the best, i want to drive the girls crazy. I love to hear their voices screaming, i love the appreciation, and i love how to make their girls night upside down. And they’ll never forget that the time they had watching me on stage or getting me to dance in a private party. I mean, it’s always. It feels a lot really good in here.

So I’m dedicated to change the way the male stripper is perceived. I don’t wanna do anything with hacks, these amateurs, these no good guys, who don’t look good, or don’t take care their selves, who don’t know how to dance, don’t know how to entertain.  I don’t want guys to show up to your party who are drugged up or drunk or just messed up and then they go in there and they make you comfortable, they try to make out with you and hump you, try to finger you. They do all kinds of disgusting things that i can’t stand. And I’m a gentleman, my mom raised me to be a gentlemen and i believe you can be sexy without being all nasty or dirty. I mean, we can get crazy, we can get funky, a little dirty, but it’s whatever you want it’s your comfort level that matters. So I won’t talk anymore. It’s a long story but I’m glad came to this point of creating Wild Boyz. And I really hope that Wild Boyz changes your life for at least for a few hours and you will never forget your experience as a bachelorette and coming to las Vegas. We plan to expand we will be all over the U.S. soon. We’re continually coming up with new ideas, new routines. Our parties are the best and well thought out. We want you to screaming till the end of the night. And just have the best time. We want to get the party started right! So you could go out to clubs and party at the pool parties and be on cloud 9. That’s our goal, that’s our mission, that’s what we do.

Alright. I might write or talk some more about later on. I better go to bed. Steven Kim from Las Vegas, Nevada. Wild Boyz Entertainment. Peace I’m out!

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