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About Me

About Me

Name: Kaleb Art
Astrological Sign: Cancer

I’m the oldest of four children, I was raised in a small town and ended up in the craziest town. I’m a father of a amazing 4 year old little boy that makes my life a blessing. I always see the best in people until they prove me other wise and even then, I hope for them to be better. I always try to look at the positive side of things, and feel blessed to be living my life.

A woman’s love is the greatest thing about them. When your young there is nothing better then a mother’s love. When you feel love from a woman for the first time there is nothing greater. When a woman’s love creates your child there is nothing greater. When you are able to be loved by women and entertain them, there is no greater feeling.

A woman love is the greatest thing about them.

WOW, I just did the math…I’ve been dancing for about 7 or 8 years…but someone a long time ago told me to keep dancing as long as you can, because it will keep you young at heart. During these last 3-4 years it’s allowed me to work the least amount of hours possible and spend the most amount of hours possible with my son, so it’s all been worth it.

I started at the young age of 24, just coming out of playing college football and into professional stripping lol….I was hired by Chippendales and had a 7 year run with the company. It’s so funny..I always said the power from above has to have a sense of humor….I always prayed to be a professional athlete and I ended up a professional male entertainer….;-). After Chips I worked for a couple other shows in town; Men of X and Men of Sapphire which I still do on the weekends. It’s been and still is a crazy ride, but it’s all worth it.

View my rates

View my rates

Buff Butler Rates

  • Pants On Butler $100/hr
  • Shorts On Butler $125/hr
  • Apron Only Butler $150/hr

What’s a Buff Butler?

Stripper Rates

  • 15 min Stripogram $150
  • 30 min Strip Party $190
  • 1 hour Strip Party $350

What’s a Striptainer?

Fantasy Date Rates

  • 1 hour $350
  • 2 hours $650
  • 4 hours $1200

What’s a Fantasy Date?

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