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Heesook P.
Depoe Bay, OR
5.0 star rating 9/5/2015
This was my 1st time and my Favorite Male/Female Strip Club!

Make sure call ahead for free limo ride, they will pick you up all the way to your hotel.
and Don’t forget to tip your driver. My limo driver was awesome, courteous gentleman
who picked me up right in front of my hotel MGM.

I’ve had nothing but 1st grade service and male strippers there were really
Funny, Hot, Sexy and Friendly!
better have lots of $1 or $5 bills to tip them, there is money changing place downstairs too.

I enjoyed myself greatly just watching them and would definitely come back with friends
next time!
If you are visiting Las Vegas and want to EXPERIENCE THE REAL VEGAS with sexy, funny,
hot male dancers don’t forget to pass by this AWESOME place!

If you are a man, take your wife or lady pal there. Big Surprise for her.
You will have 3 TIMES more FUN for sure!
Michelle L.
Monterey Park, CA

5.0 star rating 9/2/2015

For our party of girls, it was $45 entry fee each, unless you book through their free limo service, which otherwise would be free entry with minimum of 2 drinks.

We got bottle service, and the price is really decent (I was way too drunk to remember exactly how much it was).

This review is mainly for the male section upstairs!

We came for a bachelorette, and I seriously had the time of my life.
This was my first time visiting a (male) strip club, and I’ve always had people tell me it’s super creepy and weird.

UM….. clearly, they’ve never been to OG’s, because a lot of the dancers here are attractive, approachable, and can put on a really good show.

Just keep the ones in thongs away from me, #teamboxers

The 5 stars goes to our favorite, “Isaac.” He was soooooooooooo goood, that I still have a dopey ass smile on my face. I wish I could go into detail, but it’d probably be inappropriate for Yelp. Let’s just say………
it was a damn good night…

GNO will never be the same again, we’re coming to OG’s from here on out. 😉

Bonnie R.
Vancouver, Canada

3.0 star rating 9/2/2015
great atmosphere, except the strippers were like robots. Hot, but too aggressive – swarmed in, didn’t give you a chance to settle in and choose. One guy just came over, grabbed me, started lap dancing, then stopped abruptly after a minute to demand $. No smiling, ‘hello’, ‘how are you’, ‘thank you’ or ‘good bye’. At least the bachelorette had a great time. We left after half an hour because our wallets were getting drained faster than on the casino floor.

limo service was the best part of the night! Courteous and friendly drivers set the tone for our party. Our package included entrance, 2 free drinks (friendly bartender) & 1-way transportation but as we were waiting for a cab to leave, a party bus (with a stripper pole) was offered to us free of charge! Our driver provided entertainment which was the highlight of our night.

Cat L.
Las Vegas, NV

4.0 star rating 8/1/2015
1 check-in
This review started off as one star. Pissed got a beer spilt in my face and all down my right side because a stripper Mason kicked it. Wasn’t even drinking. Being the DD NOW SMELLING LIKE IM A DRUNK!!!! Right after he asked where the beer was sitting, not omg I’m sooo sorry. Well the beer was sitting on our side of the divider so we were lucky he kicked the beer and not our faces. My drunk friend made him say he was sorry before the lap dance. So you know how genuine that was. One person came up to me right and asked if I was ok and apologized it was a black stripper with beads in his hair and a Gillian hat. He was very nice.

I sat there covered in beer soaking wet and started this review with one star. Ranting on what a bad time I had and how I was never coming back no matter how much my bestie wanted to. Since strip clubs aren’t my thing. Then JC aka The Kid Came up and said we can’t be that boring. I told him about what happened. He was generally concerned. Offered to buy me a beer and I told him I’m not drinking. He said is there anything I can do to make your night better. That made me smile and happy. I told him you just did. We talked a few. He danced gave me a hug and finally we left at 4am this morning. He’s hot, sweet, amazing smile, 25 and he is the reason my review changed. Thanks for the smile JC! I really needed it.

And btw $11 for a shot glass of Pepsi is ridiculous!!!! Did I mention there is a two drink minimum!!! $22 for half a can of Pepsi!
Jenny L.
San Jose, CA

3.0 star rating 6/23/2015
1 check-in
My first gentleman’s club in Las Vegas it was great. Upstairs had the male strippers and they have some great looking men. Then the women, we only seen one dancer and the music wasn’t so great, it seemed upstairs was more hyped up. After she got off stage no one else came on stage so we just left.

This is technically all I’m going to say because whatever happened while I was here stays in there.

But it would have gotten a 4 stars if limo service so wasn’t terrible. We never got back to our hotel we were supposed to get dropped off at. We got stranded at like 2am at a random hotel and our assh*le driver sped off after. He literally threw a unprofessional tantrum in the limo ride on the way to abandoning us. I would not recommend this limo service.
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