Thunder from Down Under – Show Description

Age limitation: Must be 18 years old or older
What gets into the so called fairer sex when 400 of them attend a male strip show like “Thunder From Down Under” at Excalibur?

Can they not run themselves?

Well, no.

“There are just two things you will not see here this evening,” the host must shout to be heard, “your husbands and your boyfriends.”

His words are nearly drowned out by girls shouting, whistling, howling like — like guys in a topless bar, just louder and crazier and more raunchy.

It is an evening replete with double entendres as a fine line is walked between frivolity and vulgarity.

It is all in fun.

There is no actual contact, except for some kissing and hugging and handshaking as the nine strippers perform their provocative routines and race through the crowd to greet the fans.

Among the things that makes this show so popular is that the girls are focused on by the stars.

Other male strippers bring attention to themselves, their attractive attributes, their chiseled physiques — stressing how amazing they may be.

It is the guys, about them. However, for the “Thunder” cast, it is about the girls.

Every person in the crowd has a good time and the guys are there to amuse, to ensure each and leaves feeling good.

It will not matter how lovely the devotees are, or how fat or skinny or old.

Each is drawn to the group of pleasure.

Cast members are great physical specimens who bounce off trampolines, do cartwheels and back flips and strip.

They dancing and lip sync their way through such tunes, every one of the while teasing the girls right into a sexual frenzy.

“Our occupation,” the host tells the devotees from the beginning of the show, “would be to ensure every single one of you girls get just what you came for.”

When they came to have a great time plus they do.

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