Men the Experience


Men the Experience in Las Vegas, NV
Men the Experience – Las Vegas Male Revue Show (as shown: Kaleb, Steve, Alejandro, AJ, Baybay, Julian, Alin)

AUTHOR NOTE:  Featured in the show advertisements are two highly experience male dancers who have NEVER danced in the Men the Experience show.  These dancers include Steve Kim and Alin Campan.

The show was produced by Red Mercury Entertainment.  The show features dance numbers previously used in the Men of Sapphire (a male strip club).  Some of the impressive routines were choreographed by the dancers in the show (although none are given credit).  The dance number “Gangster” (the best number in our opinion) was produced and directed by LaBare franchisee owner Julian Mora.

Our rating:  2.8 out of 5 stars 

(The below comes from the Men the Experience advertisement piece)

Prepare to excite your senses and make your fantasies a reality as these chiseled hunks take the stage. Men the Experience is the new number one name in spectacular Las Vegas entertainment for women and couples. Men the Experience is a live, action packed, 75 minute show performed by some of the hottest men in Las Vegas. This classy and upscale show features a variety of talented men that are masculine, sexy and of course very handsome.

The Riviera has put together a cast of some of the sexiest entertainers in the business. These shirtless hunks have performed for thousands of women from around the world. These athletic men showcase creative and choreography and elaborate costumes set against a breathtaking multimedia backdrop that titillates the senses. Men the Experience will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Ladies, the acts are right from the pages of your favorite romance novel and ladies are encouraged to participate on stage throughout the show. Be charmed by the Secret Agent; captivated by the Military Officers and Firefighters. Watch as gangsters in zoot suits perform an incredible chair routine and Cowboys come out in their boots with guns a blazin’. Sing along as the men perform a special tribute to the movie “Magic Mike”. These are just a few of the things that the guys have in store for the evening. So ladies, relax and let your hair down. Celebrating a bachelorette party, birthday party, divorce party, or just a wild “ladies night out” in Vegas, Men the Experience is the place to experience an evening that you won’t soon forget. After the show, enjoy a meet-and-greet and take a photo with the men.

Dancers include:

  • Kaleb Art
  • Tauris
  • Baybay
  • AJ Trunk
  • Julian Mora
  • Alejandro
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