Male Revue Show – Services

Want to bring the “Magic Mike” experience to a city near you?  At Wild Boyz Entertainment, our seasoned veterans have the skills and experience to bring a custom male revue show to your city and venue!

We Make Booking Profitable And A Male Revue Easy

In case you are a promoter booking a male revue or a male strip show, we can supply everything you will need in order to put on a profitable and successful male revue. Whether you’re looking for a group of white guys or men that are black, or latin only, or just a variety; at night club, country club, or a hall, we can accommodate your event. Our goal is always to make the process of booking a male revue as simple as possible, in order to concentrate on encouraging your male revue and optimizing ticket sales to make your male revue rewarding. The best part about booking a Wild Boyz male revue is that we assist you in the promotion too.

Your male revue includes the following:

  • A full 1 – 2 hour male revue production designed for YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC
  • A high resolution custom 11×17 poster design ready for print.
  • Optional high resolution custom 5×7 flyer design ready for print.
  • Elective custom 30 second radio commercial
  • Elective on-line male revue ticket sales management (15% fee needed for earnings created to cover credit card transaction fees and admin)
  • Choice of marketing your male revue on this website. (Remember… when women are seeking Google for a male strippers or male revues THIS WEBSITE will pop up, normally not your place or club). See for more information.

What we need from you to put on this great show:

  • Male revue performance area a minimum of 15×15 feet
  • Rather a wireless microphone for emcee/entertainer
  • Private dressing room/changing place
  • Special effect lighting if accessible
  • Full cooperation and contribution from the place’s DJ
  • Complete participation and co-operation from the venue’s security

Cost for Booking:
$250 per best accessible local entertainer which we shall select for your own male revue. Additional fees may apply for events outside the metro area. Traveling fees are $1.25 per mile one way from downtown and occasions beyond 70 miles may need hotel accommodations.
$475 per out-of-town/state national entertainer YOU choose. Out-of-town state entertainers will also need travel, airfare and resort accommodations paid by you.

Reserving a male revue is a really fast and simple procedure and should be done at least five weeks ahead of time to permit plenty of time for promotion. Simply call and supply us with the day, time, place, entertainer preferences, etc. You may also receive an e-mail which contains a generation deal that will require an electronic signature. No print or faxing required here. Three to seven days after we receive your deposit you’ll receive the optional poster and flyer layouts, radio spot, and ticket sale links so you can proceed with advertising your male revue.