53X has been closed 🙁

Created  by  the  producers  of Chippendales, 53X gets  you  turn’t  up  and  turned  on! 53X boasts  the  same energetic sex appeal that made their male performers legendary but amps it to new heights with the addition of powerful  and  gorgeous  female  entertainers.  Both  the  guys  and  the girls  bring  serious  heat  to  the  stage alongside their host, Shannel making 53X fiercely fun, funny, and cutting edge.

During the 75-minute production, the provocative dancers, four men and four women, tease, satisfy, please and play,  through  a  dynamic  mix  of  musical  numbers  ranging  from  pop  hits  to  world  beats.  As  opportunities  for audience participation arise, the sensuously choreographed show surprises viewers with an unexpected mixture of spontaneity and humor.