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At Wild Boyz, we represent the Best of the Best.  So you must come to the parties prepared with good looking costumes, good sounding stereo and a good music selection.  We can help you with all three.  But you cannot represent us if you are missing any of the items below.[divider style=”solid” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]

To work for Wild Boyz, you are required to have the minimum outfits, which are: [divider style=”dashed” top=”10″ bottom=”10″] (1) Hotel Security (2) Business Man (3) Police Officer

Business Man consists of:

  • Black Tearaway Pants
  • Tearaway Dress Shirt
  • Ripaway Tank Top
  • Tie
  • Vest (cheap to buy at Goodwill)
  • Suit Jacket (cheap to buy at Goodwill)
  • Black Shoes

Hotel Security consists of:

  • (same as business man) plus
  • earpiece
  • sunglasses (optional)

Police Officer consists of:

Costs for Stripper Clothing: [divider style=”dashed” top=”10″ bottom=”10″]

  • Tearaway pants: Cost of pants + $50 labor
  • Tearaway dress shirt: Cost of shirt + $20 labor
  • G-String: $30
  • Tearaway Bootie Shorts: $40 (optional)
  • Cocksock: $10 (optional)
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Bowtie Collar: $30 (mandatory for Buff Butler jobs)
  • Wrist Cuffs: $25 (mandatory for Buff Butler jobs)

Contact management for information on our seamstress.  She’s highly experienced and will do a great job.

You need to have a GOOD sounding stereo (Beats Pill for example) and prepared music. [divider style=”dashed” top=”10″ bottom=”10″] If you don’t have prepared music, ask the manager and he’ll burn you a CD. You must also have a routine to strip out of with music to go along with it.