Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Dress to impress… Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code!!

  • The biggest reason people are turned away from a nightclub is because the Las Vegas Nightclub dress code is VERY strict and you are not in compliance, or you or someone in your group is over intoxicated. We’ve outlined the rules, regulations, and suggestions for a hassle free evening.
  • Ladies: High heels are mandatory, Dresses, Skirts, Designer jeans and blouses are acceptable. We suggest bringing a pair of roll up flats to switch into but you are required to wear high heels in the nightclub. The casinos or nightclubs will not allow you to be bare foot.
  • Gentlemen: Suits, Collared Shirts, Slacks, Designer Jeans, Dress Shoes, are all acceptable. The only tennis shoe that the club accepts is “Creative Recreation” This is a nightclub approved tennis shoe.
  • If you choose to wear a coat or jacket during the winter months, the nightclubs do require that you check it into the coat check. Please keep in mind that on busy nights the line for the coat check can be up to 20 minutes to retrieve your items.
  • No shorts, hats, sunglasses, excessive jewelry, torn or baggy jeans, men’s stylish v-necks, tennis shoes, boots, flats, or sandals, feathered boas, or colored wigs WILL NOT be allowed.


  • Please bring Valid Undamaged Identification. State ID/Drivers License, Military ID, & Passports (actual Passports-venues do not accept the Passports on a credit card) are all acceptable forms of ID. The venues will not accept your ID if it is damaged in any way or if they believe it to be fraudulent. If you lose your ID the nightclubs will not allow you in. Once again this is not up to Wild Entertainment…this is up to the nightclubs discretion.

Pace Your Alcohol

  • This is a long night. We want everyone to have a good time, but please remember that if you get too intoxicated the nightclubs have the right to refuse you entrance. The doormen are trained to watch for stumbling, glassy eyes, wobbly knees, and obnoxious behavior. This is not to up to Wild Entertainment to decide if you get in…ultimately it is up to the nightclub.